Austin Instagram Dogs You Need to Follow Right Now


With Austin, Texas being one of the most dog friendly cities in America, it is, of course, overflowing with adorable Instagram dogs. We’ve done the thoroughly enjoyable research to find you the 10 best Austin Instagram dogs you need to follow right now. Keep scrolling for an adorable bonus we just couldn’t resist.

Rocco the Pug + Weldon



Rocco is the most adorable Pugtender serving up mouthwatering cocktails on Instagram. The photography, creativity and sheer talent for mixing cocktails makes this account one to follow. Not to mention Rocco has an adorable brother Weldon making cameos along with guest bartenders. If there is one Austin dog account to follow, this is it.

Mojo & Lola



We love this account simply to watch the ever entertaining and goofy personalities of these two ridiculously good looking boxers. Their owners always seem to capture the most hilarious and heart warming moments between these two.

Roscoe Chu-Ferrer



If you’re looking for a beautiful dog captured by equally beautiful photography, look no further. Roscoe’s account combines his foxy good looks, killer tricks, and his pawrents’ extreme talent for photography to present to you these lovely and heartwarming photos.

Apollo, Brooklyn & Cooper



This insanely cute trio has been one of our favorites since day one. The adorable dogs, variety in breeds (and sizes), and humor in the captions makes this an account for the books. You can usually find this trio all over town on the weekends hitting up Austin’s hottest dog parties. Give them a follow and every post will certainly brighten your day.

Appa & Momo



Turns out we have a thing for super adorable pugs and these two definitely top the list! These little loafs bring the cute factor of Austin’s Instagram up by twenty points. Talk about all the snugly pugly feels!

Rhett Muttler The Cavalier



Cavaliers have been an Instagram staple since the app first started and Rhett does not disappoint! His little smiles and bubble chasing adventures with bring a smile to your face with every photo.




Kouga’s Instagram handle is no exaggeration. This is the most magical Samoyed we’ve ever seen. We aren’t sure what is more beautiful, the dog or the photography. Never has the use of props been so perfect.

Suzi + Fenley



These “shiblings” are living it up in Austin, Texas. Their photos and play times take us from the comfort of their home to the outdoor beauty of the Texas Hill Country. The lovely photography isn’t their only eye catching talent either. Word on the streets is they slay at Halloween.

River the Plott Hound



This brindled beauty is living the good life and it definitely shows in her feed. We absolutely love this cutie and all her adorable photos. Check her out when searching for that next dog you want to follow and love as much as your own.

Neeko Freako & Phife Dawg



Hittin’ you hard with two more pugs because we just can’t get enough. These brothers slay in their humor and will give you more clothing envy than Carrie Bradshaw. We beg you, if you want to follow an account that is sure to make you laugh, make it this one!

As for that bonus we just couldn’t resist… Our Pawsidents!

Knuckles & Penny

@babyknuck & @pennytheluckdragon