Meet the Team


It all started when…

Emily and Amanda both joined the wonderful world that is Instragram's Pupfluencers. After weeks of talking through their online dog personas, they met at one of Austin's many dog friendly events.  A friendship quickly began out of each other's humor and shared interests in dogs.  They soon learned they had similar talents and drives.

After many dog photo shoots together, they realized that for Austin being such a dog friendly city, there wasn't one main place people could go to find everything they need for their furry family member.  They decided they wanted to turn their hobby into something more.  They wanted to bring this joy and pleasure to other dog pawrents throughout Austin. Dogs Around Austin is here to help you find everything you need from local dog events to upping your pet's insta game.


Emily Stephens

Co-Founder, Social Media Director & Photographer

Amanda Quick

Co-Founder, Marketing Director & Photographer